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Local Vendor Recommendations from Highlands Realty Inc
Whether you need a lender, attorney for a closing or other legal needs, or a handyman to make home repairs, our extensive list of professionals and qualified vendors are here to help!
Click on a category below to view the full list of local area professionals and businesses serving your needs in Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee.
List of Mortgage Lenders
Local attorneys and title companies
List of Builders in Abingdon and Bristol
Home Inspectors in Virginia and Tennessee
List of Home Appraisers in VA and TN
List of Pest Control Businesses
Moving and Storage Businesses in Virginia and Tennessee
Repairs and maintenance professionals
List of Professionals for Buyers and Sellers
Restaurants and lunch spots in Abingdon and Bristol
Shops and small businesses in VA and TN
Local hotels and accommodations
List of local places to visit in Bristol, Abingdon, and Marion