Lakefront Properties

There are several beautiful lakes to enjoy boating, swimming, fishing, and camping throughout the Northeast Tennessee/Southwest Virginia region.

South Holston Lake falls on the Virginia/Tennessee border and offers campgrounds and marinas for water enjoyment. Surrounded with National Forest makes South Holston a true beauty. Enjoy a warm day on the lake by boating, fishing, or kayaking. South Holston Lake offers numerous coves to throw the anchor down for the day and enjoy you own little spot on the lake!

Watauga Lake and its nearby winery are popular as well. Watauga Lake is located in the Butler, TN area and is a natural treasure with the National Forest surrounding the lake. It is a beautiful lake that is a great spot for de-stressing after a long work week. During the summer, you’ll find sailboats enjoying the day or families enjoy picnics on one of the lake’s islands and beaches. If you enjoy fishing, the lake provides a great opportunity to satisfy your hobby.

Fort Patrick Henry Lake is located in Kingsport, TN. It is a popular, local lake for boating and fishing. Many people go to Warriors’ Path State Park to enjoy Fort Patrick Henry Lake.

Boone Lake is located in the Piney Flats and Johnson City, TN area. It is a reservoir in Sullivan and Washington Counties managed by TVA.

The South Holston and Fort Patrick Henry Dams operated by the TVA helps with hydroelectric generation.

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