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    • Abingdon VA

      Abingdon VA

      Abingdon, VA is a desirable place that many choose to call home. Rich in history, arts & culture and outdoor activities, Abingdon offers something for all to enjoy. Some of…

    • Bristol TN

      Bristol TN

      Located on the Tennessee-Virginia state line, Bristol, TN is a twin city in Southeast U.S. that is a center of a five-state area (VA, TN, WV, KY, NC). It has…

    • Bristol VA

      Bristol VA

      Beautiful scenery, arts & culture and entertainment help to make Bristol “a good place to live”. A few of the most popular attractions in Bristol include: Many Parks & Outdoor…

    • Lebanon VA

      Lebanon VA

      The area has strong Appalachian traditions of family and small-town living, but has access to one of the most advanced knowledge-based environments through the fiber-optic broadband available. The friendly people…

    • Marion VA

      Marion VA

      Marion, VA is known as “America’s Coolest Hometown!” and offers small town charm with true southern hospitality. Being a town with music, arts, festivals and plenty of outdoor fun there…

    • Lakefront Properties

      Lakefront Properties

      There are several beautiful lakes to enjoy boating, swimming, fishing, and camping throughout the Northeast Tennessee/Southwest Virginia region. South Holston Lake falls on the Virginia/Tennessee border and offers campgrounds and…