Bristol TN Real Estate

    Located on the Tennessee-Virginia state line, Bristol, TN is a twin city in Southeast U.S. that is a center of a five-state area (VA, TN, WV, KY, NC). It has excellent transportation connections making all these states within a day’s drive. Beautiful scenery, arts & culture and entertainment help to make Bristol a desirable place to live. A few of the most popular attractions in Bristol include:

    • The home of many NASCAR events, Bristol Motor Speedway
    • The natural underground wonders of Bristol and Appalachian Caverns
    • The best place for live entertainment, The Paramount Center for the Arts
    • More than 30 Parks & Recreational Venues for exploring the natural beauty of the area
    • King University

    With Bristol’s location in the Blue Ridge Mountains, it offers a variety of country or city settings for living.