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Your Questions About a Final Walk Through Answered

What is a final walk through? What should buyers look for? Why should buyers do a final walk through?

A final walk through gives the buyer the opportunity to inspect the property before closing to ensure that any agreed repairs have been successfully completed and that the home is in the same condition as when the contract was written. The final walk through is usually completed within a few days or sometimes hours before the closing date.

Although a final walk through is not required, we always recommend that buyers complete a final walk through as you would not want to be faced with unexpected repairs after closing and upon move-in day. Who would want to walk into their new home to find a flooded room due to a dripping faucet or walking in on a hot summer’s day to an air conditioning unit that has failed? These may be extreme scenarios but if these unexpected issues were found before closing (during the final walk through), they could’ve been discussed and the work could’ve been ordered to be completed and the cost of these repairs could be withheld from the seller’s proceeds at the time of close. Completing this final inspection ensures the property is in the same condition you accepted since your last visit and that all items stated to remain in the home have not been removed or replaced (unless otherwise agreed).

Your real estate agent will be at the final walk through with you to answer any questions and help guide you through the process.

Below are a few items to bring with you and a short list of what to look for. Click here to download a printable checklist.

Items to bring to the Final Walk Through

Sales Contract & Inspection Report: You may need to refer to these for double-checking repairs and that all items stated to stay (or to be removed) from the home are what you see.

Notepad: Take detailed notes for items that have not been completed as promised or any areas showing damage.

Cellphone and Charger: Use the camera on your cellphone to have photos of any repairs that have not been completed or any items/area found to be damaged. The charger will come in handy if you need to verify electrical outlets are functional.


What to Look for in a Final Walk Through

Any repairs agreed upon by both parties have been completed

Turn on and off every light

Run water and check for leaks

Test all appliances

Flush all toilets

Run exhaust fans and garbage disposal

Test heating and air conditioning

Check that all debris is removed from the home

Do a visual spot check of ceilings, walls and floors

Check the exterior of the home

Check garage door openers (if applicable)


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