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Your Bristol, TN REALTOR does more than Just Open the Door

As REALTORs serving Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia, we handle many behind the scenes tasks that our buyers or sellers may not realize. Our job entails much more than just opening the door for clients. So, the next time you think that your real estate agent in the Bristol, TN area is just opening the door to let you look inside a home for sale, remember this short article. We’ve listed four tasks your REALTOR has going on behind the scenes throughout the home buying process.

Keeping Current on local real estate market trends in Bristol, TN and the surrounding areas

As a curious and well-informed buyer, we understand that you want all the information before taking the leap of purchasing a home. You may pull recently sold stats from popular real estate websites (like Zillow), and think you have a pretty good idea of what homes are selling for in the area you want to purchase your next home. However, many factors are driving these sale prices which you will not find on these websites. This is where your real estate agent can give you that insight. Your Bristol, TN REALTOR will have first-hand experience in the local real estate market trends, dealing with it each day. They will be able to tell you historic stats and better pin-point why sale prices have been increasing or decreasing in an area. Knowing the behind the scenes reasons that are driving these sale prices, you will be well informed before your home purchase in a certain area.

real estate agent jobs in Northeast Tennessee or Southwest Virginia

Negotiate the terms and price of the sale

Once you find the perfect home in Northeast Tennessee or Southwest Virginia, it is time to submit your offer to the sellers. You know this is the one and you don’t want it to slip away, but what should be included the offer? Maybe you noticed the older heat pump and appliances in the home and would feel better if the seller provided a home warranty? Maybe you need help with closing costs? There are a lot of “maybes” going through your mind, and you may not know where to begin to present a strong offer that will win you your perfect home. This is where working with a buyer’s real estate agent is going to make your life much easier! Having a buyer’s agent will give you representation when submitting an offer and throughout the buying process. Your agent will help you through any questions about what and what not to put into an offer and negotiate the best terms to make you feel confident once the offer is submitted. Your agent is going to fight for you to get the home you want at the best price and with favorable terms. Working with a local agent with market knowledge of the area you’re purchasing in will give you a great advantage as they will know when a list price is off or on-point and help you get a fair price for the home.

Handle the paperwork involved with the purchase of a home

If you have purchased a home in the past, you know how much paperwork is involved. All these documents can be overwhelming, even to a veteran home purchaser. Working with a real estate agent in Bristol, TN will make going through the paperwork involved with buying a home seem much simpler. Your agent will handle getting the paperwork submitted promptly and to the right people. They will help keep you on track of your deadlines as well to make the transaction go smoothly and with nothing slipping through the cracks. If the real estate lingo within the documents has you confused, your agent will be there to clear those muddy waters to give you a crystal clear understanding.

Buying a Home in Bristol TN

Help you understand the home buying process and the steps involved

The home-buying process can be daunting when tackling it alone! You owe it yourself to have a professional on your side when making one of the largest investments in your life. Hiring a REALTOR who will walk you through each step of the home-buying process will save you time and unnecessary headaches. Having each home buying step explained to you by a local professional in the industry will give you a clear idea of what to expect on your home buying journey in the Bristol, TN area, and you will be faced with fewer surprises on your way.

As knowledgeable real estate professionals serving Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia, we are ready to join you on your home buying journey!

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