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VA Small Business Grant Program

Rebuild VA is a new grant program for small businesses and nonprofits in Virginia. The program launched by the Commonwealth of Virginia will provide grants of up to three times the applicant’s average monthly eligible expenses up to a maximum award of $10,000. These grants are aimed to help small businesses and nonprofits that have faced economic distress because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Below are a few common questions about the small business grant program answered.

When will the Rebuild VA grant application become available?

August 10, 2020

What entities are eligible for receiving the grant? 

Industry sectors eligible for applying include

  • restaurant and beverage service
  • non-essential retail
  • exercise and fitness
  • personal care and personal grooming
  • entertainment and public amusement
  • private campgrounds
  • overnight summer camps

Is there a limit to the number of businesses that will receive assistance?

The statewide program is capitalized at $70 million, meaning approximately 7,000 businesses will receive assistance.

How do I apply? 

Applicants may submit an application via the online portal or print and mail an application to the Virginia Small Business Financing Authority in Richmond, Virginia.


Click below for additional information about the Rebuild VA Small Business Grant Program.

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