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Top Staging Tips When Selling Your Home this Fall

Autumn welcomes the pumpkin-spice craze, sweater weather, spending evenings around a fire pit, pumpkin carving, and many other fall activities we enjoy. Does the changing season have you wanting to change homes? If you are planning to enter the housing market in Southwest Virginia or Northeast Tennessee this fall, help your home stand out to potential buyers by using these fall-inspired staging ideas.

Utilize Light

Fall brings stunning foliage across Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee, but as the season progresses the days also become shorter. Therefore, natural lighting is not always showcased to potential buyers during fall home showings, especially for those seeing the home in the afternoon or evenings. Ensure your home has adequate lighting to give home buyers a warm welcoming upon entering.

  • Go room to room to identify any areas that could benefit from additional lighting. You can add extra lamps to help illuminate any shadowy spaces. Also, be sure to regularly check your lamps and light fixtures for bulbs that need replacing.
  • If the walls are painted a darker color, you could consider painting them neutral colors that better reflect light to improve the lighting in the room.
  • Remember to turn on any exterior lights for showings after dark to help boost your home’s curb appeal. Exterior lighting will welcome guests and allow them to see the outdoor perks of the property.

Turn on the Heat

When potential buyers are looking at your home, it’s imperative to keep it as comfortable as possible. As the cooler temperatures roll in, try to keep your thermostat set between 70-73 degrees to knock off the chill of the fall days. Keeping your home’s temperature too hot can distract buyers while keeping it too cold can pose questions about whether the heating system works properly.

Maintain Curb Appeal

While boosting curb appeal is a year-round staging tip, during the fall it requires different tasks. Ways you can maintain your home’s curb appeal in autumn include:

  • Keep up with yard maintenance, such as raking leaves, treating brown spots in the yard, and trimming bushes
  • Add fall-friendly flowers to your flower beds or pots
  • Clean gutters

Avoid Going Overboard with Holiday Decorating

Fall is a time for pumpkins and spooky fun holidays. However, as much as you enjoy decorating for Halloween or Thanksgiving, it is best to keep most of your decorations in storage if you’re putting your house up for sale. Too much seasonal décor can be distracting or turn off home buyers. Instead, focus on the cozy aspects your home offers.

  • Add fall flair to your home when it’s on the market by focusing on a simple fall theme using the hints from the season’s color palette.
  • Add an autumn-inspired wreath to the front door.
  • Add fall-inspired accent pillows and throws to your couch or armchairs.
  • If your home has a fireplace, highlight it by adding simple décor or candles to the mantle or neatly stacking wood near it. Having the agent turn on a gas or electric fireplace before their showing will add a homey feeling to allow buyers to imagine spending cool nights snuggled up by the fire.

These may help put your home’s best foot forward in the eyes of buyers. However, having the help of a real estate professional is essential to give your home the most exposure to potential buyers. If you have questions about selling your home in Southwest Virginia or Northeast Tennessee this fall, contact us today.

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