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Top Home Trends Buyers are Looking for in 2022

Home design trends change throughout the years, and keeping current on the changes is a way to leverage what your home has to offer when it’s time to sell. While the pandemic started the shift of homeowners reevaluating their surroundings and the important features in a home, it has impacted today’s current trends that buyers are looking for in their next home. Recently, REALTOR Magazine released home trends stealing the spotlight in 2022, and we’ve listed the top seven below. 

1. High-Speed Internet and Broadband

While a home office or workspace has been a checkbox on buyers’ wish lists for years, it is now essential for many home buyers who are working from home. Besides having a space for their WFH jobs, buyers also look for homes offering good digital infrastructure. High-speed, reliable internet is a necessity when working from home and can be a deal-breaker for those searching for a home in 2022. 

Known for its up to 1 Gig internet speeds available, Bristol, TN/VA and neighboring areas can provide the perfect spot for WFH buyers to find their next home. 

2. First-Floor Bedrooms

While some experts say homes with a first-level bedroom can be a challenge for home sellers, the feature appeals to many buyers. One-level living is a desired feature for many home shoppers. 

3. Evolved Outdoor Spaces

During the pandemic, many of us spent more time outdoors, which also resulted in homeowners shifting their focus on upgrading their outdoor spaces. The renewed interest in porches, patios, gardens, and outdoor entertaining spots means many buyers are now looking for these features in their next home. Some items high on buyers’ wish lists include

  • A swimming pool
  • A fire pit
  • Simple outdoor kitchen space

4. Quality Building Materials

Although location is still a main factor when purchasing a home, buyers are also on the lookout for quality materials used throughout. Today’s buyers pay more attention to the appliances, systems, and building materials in the home, as the quality of these items can help justify the home’s list price. 

5. Home Theaters and Workout Spaces

While often thought of as taking up too much space, home theaters and home gyms are returning to buyers’ wish lists. Homeowners are now seeking more at-home entertainment options, and a home theater can do just that. Also, home workout spaces allow homeowners to stay fit and relax in the comfort of their own homes. 

6. Modified Open Floor Plan

The open concept plan continues to be popular among home buyers, but they also prefer to have some separation. Choppy floor plans can turn off buyers, so there’s a happy medium between completely open and offering separate spaces. As many homeowners had to share space with family members during the pandemic for work and school, the need for some privacy quickly became apparent. Having sight lines between the kitchen and living or family room is still desired, but some separation with pocket doors or an island makes the space more appealing to today’s buyers. 

7. Saying Bye-Bye to Dated Ceilings

The fifth wall of a room is now getting increased attention. Many buyers are looking for updated ceilings designed to be more attractive. If a home has popcorn or textured ceilings, it is often one of the first remodeling projects homeowners want to tackle. Tackling the remodeling project before selling and offering a modern upgrade can help increase the home’s appeal to home buyers. 

Are you searching for a home in Southwest Virginia or Northeast Tennessee with the above-mentioned features? Our professional, knowledgeable real estate agents can help you find a home in the area that checks the boxes on your list. 

If you’re thinking about selling your home in Bristol, Abingdon, Marion, or the surrounding areas, contact us to learn how our well-trained agents can guide you through the process. From identifying the desired features your home has to leveraging those in our marketing efforts, we work with you to help find a buyer for your property. 

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