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Tips for Adding Curb Appeal to your Home in Abingdon, VA or Bristol TN-VA

Increasing your home’s curb appeal can help your home sell faster. Don’t let potential buyers drive by your home without a second glance because they are not impressed by the looks of the outside. Give them a teaser for what’s to see on the inside by creating alluring curb appeal. With warmer weather approaching, it is a great time to highlight your home’s outdoor features and entertaining spaces.

Make a good first impression that will help attract more buyers who will want to see your property with these quick tips:

  • Trim any bushes or branches that block windows or architectural details of the house. Potential buyers will not notice the home if it’s hidden by overgrown bushes or vines.
  • Mow the lawn. Do you admire your lawn after a recent cutting? So will potential buyers! Seeing a well-cared for lawn gives buyers more confidence that other maintenance tasks have been completed with the same care.
  • Edge the grass around walkways and trees. This will provide your lawn with a finished and cleaner look.
  • Clean the inside and outside of windows. You want the entire house to shine from the street.
  • Keep garden tools and kids’ toys from the lawn or try your best to keep them organized to help the lawn stay de-cluttered.
  • Touch up the driveway. Repair any cracks and clean stains. If needed resurface the driveway.
  • Place a flower pot filled with bright flowers on the front porch or walkway. The pop of bright color will help grab passerby’s attention.
  • Add a new doormat and seasonal wreath to the front door. These added elements will provide a completed and welcoming look to the home.


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