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Surviving the Holidays while Your Home is on the Market

If selling your home doesn’t sound stressful enough, stack the busy holiday season on top of it. Between house guests and days of traveling, you may be thinking that it isn’t the best time to have your home listed for sale. But your REALTOR is there to help make the selling process less stressful, so you can enjoy the holidays.

This short list will help ease worries of selling your home during the holidays:

To Decorate or Not? Don’t let your home being for sale put a damper on your holiday decorating! If putting up decorations is something you look forward to each year, sprinkle the holiday cheer throughout your home. A few holiday decorations will not cause for a deal breaker situation. Just be sure not to go overboard and keep it simple.

Don’t Stress about Showings! If you have company visiting for a week, let your REALTOR know that you would prefer to not have your home shown during that time…they will let other agents know that they will need to schedule a time to see the home a week earlier or a week later.

Afraid of your home not being “show ready” for a last minute showing? Create a daily cleaning schedule before listing your home to keep high traffic areas looking their best and tables/counters clutter-free or communicate with your REALTOR with your showing schedule so they can arrange showings of the home during only those set times.

Travel Care-free! Don’t worry about your home if going out of town for a few days during the holidays, it will be checked-in on during when there are showings and your REALTOR will be working for you to handle questions and arranging showings…you won’t need to answer your phone 24/7.  You can travel with peace of mind & enjoy the journey.

Your Home WILL be Seen!  Some sellers may worry that their home won’t receive as much exposure if listed during the holidays. It should be remembered that people shop for homes year round and many will be shopping online, so the holidays will not affect where your home is seen. Also, when buyers are scheduling appointments to see homes during this busy time of year is usually a sign that they are more motivated to buy. It is also important to note that with a well-planned marketing plan, your listing will receive the same exposure regardless of the time of year.


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