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Summer Home Checklist

This great video will provide some guidance about inspecting your home for wear and tear as well as routine maintenance. We’ve also wanted to share some other items for your summer maintenance to-do list. Follow this simple checklist to help keep your home in tip-top shape!

  • Check/Clean Gutters: Winter can cause leaves and debris to clog gutters, so remove any blockages and check for any gutter damage that may need repaired.
  • Inspect your deck/patio: The warmer weather means you will be using outdoor entertaining spaces more. Make sure they are in great shape by inspecting for damage (splinters on bare feet), giving it a good wash and stain/reseal if needed. Also, be sure to periodically wipe off any lawn furniture and/or toys to keep you and your family safe from pests and grime.
  • Deep clean the exterior of your home: Bring out the pressure washer to remove dirt and build-up from the exterior of your home to help keep it looking good. Also, this is a good time to paint or touch up the exterior of you home if needed.
  • Clear out space around your A/C unit: As mentioned in the video, it is important for the unit to have plenty of room for air circulation.
  • Clean windows and screens: The nice weather is a great time to wipe down window sills and the inside and outside of the windows.
  • Ceiling fan maintenance: Wipe down fans to remove dust and make sure that the fans are turning the right direction to push air down.
  • Check the attic: Spring rains can cause lots of damage to roofs and attics, so inspect to see if there are any visible water damage/leaks.
  • Check detectors: Checking your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors is a periodic task to ensure they are working properly.
  • Clean bathroom and dryer vents: Vacuum out these vents to remove dust and excess lint and help them to work more efficiently.

This short list will help keep your home in the best shape inside and out. If you would feel more comfortable with a professional by your side for any of these tasks, give us a shout out and we’ll recommend some local inspectors to give you a hand.

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