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Real Estate Agents Behind the Scenes

Real Estate

Your real estate agent does extensive behind the scenes work to help you find that dream property or market your current property. See the 8 basic things your real estate agent spends hours doing when they are not in your presence:

Shop Property Online

When in the market to buy property, we all view photos of each house finding things we love or don’t love about each one. However, your real estate agent will spend the extra time after checking all the photos to thoroughly research these potential properties. This research includes getting all the details from the MLS database, gathering neighborhood information or even personally driving by the property.

Go Prospecting

Real estate agents will spend tons of time driving around to check out the latest listings and perhaps going inside to preview the home.

Attend Pitch Sessions

Agents will spend time with other agents to swap listing info to help find that house that meets all your needs and wants or if your real estate agent is helping sell your property spread the word about the listing.

Spend Their Own Money on Marketing

Getting the word out about your property is imperative in order to find a buyer. Listing Agents know this and spend their own money to advertise your property in magazines, newspapers and online. Professional photography, brochures, multiple website advertising, writing descriptions to entice buyers to your property all ads up in time and money.

Write Up Offers & Counteroffers

Getting to the right price means written offers and counteroffers and your real estate agent will have the most knowledge of the process of writing them to your advantage.

Stick Around for Inspections

Being there for an inspection and/or summary period of the property will allow first-hand knowledge of the structure, roof, foundation,appliances, electrical and plumbing systems, etc.. You may not be able to be present at inspection time, but a good real estate agent will touch base with the inspector.

Smooth Bumps in the Roads

All sales will not be smooth sailing, so this is where your real estate agent is there to protect you. Good agents will shield their clients from extra stress from high drama of the transaction unless there’s a reason for the client to be filled in on the issues.

Keep You Calm Under the Pressure

Great agents will have a positive approach to help you solve problems, answer all questions and keep you as stress-free about this major purchase as possible.


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