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Luxurious Home Improvements that Help Improve Your Property Value

If you choose your home improvement projects wisely, you will have an upgraded space while also bringing an increase in your property value. Even simple improvement projects may set you back thousands, but choosing projects carefully can allow you to recoup that money when it is time to sell your home.  We’ve put together a list of luxurious home improvements that will improve your property value. 

Add a Pond or Waterfall for Your Own Backyard Oasis

After a busy day having a spot to relax and gather your thoughts is essential. Turn your backyard into this spot by adding a pond, waterfall, or other water feature. Adding in these features will add a relaxing element into your slice of paradise and create your backyard oasis. These features can also help your property stand out from other properties when it is time to sell. The addition of unique water elements to create a backyard oasis could make buyers fall in love with your property. Therefore improve your property value with this effective, luxurious home improvement project.

Abingdon VA Homes for Sale

Add a Spa or Hot Tub to Your Patio

Speaking of creating a backyard oasis, the addition of a spa or hot tub to your deck or patio will make your backyard the ultimate retreat spot. There’s no need to plan a trip to the spa when you have a relaxing oasis in your backyard! A hot tub or sauna is a great way to relax away the stress of the day or get some exercise (if you choose a swim spa).  This luxurious home improvement will help complete your backyard oasis, and potential buyers will be thrilled to find out it stays with the home. It is definitely a relaxing way to improve your property value!

Add a Fireplace or Fire Pit

There’s no better way to add some warmth to your property than lighting fire. The addition of a fire pit allows continued use of your outdoor space when the temperatures get colder, and buyers will love the outdoor feature as much as you! If you prefer to stay inside as the weather gets colder, the addition of a fireplace is another way to add warmth to your home. Adding a fireplace will give your home an enjoyable ambiance that will pay off when it’s time to sell.

Bristol TN Homes with Fireplace

Add Smart Shades to Your Home

The upgraded feature of smart shades will bring luxury and elegance into your home. Replacing outdated curtains and window treatments with modern smart shades can help impress potential buyers. The addition of smart shades is a luxurious home improvement that will help your home be more energy-efficient. The reduced utility bills will help pay for this upgrade over time.

smart shades in Southwest Virginia & Northeast Tennessee

Add a Home Theater

If you enjoy a night at the movies, the addition of a home theater could save you money over time. The components to create a great home theater has become more affordable and versatile. Watching sales at stores or online can allow you to pick up a huge TV, soundbar and/or speakers for a very reasonable price. When your home theater is set up, you can enjoy movies whenever you like while saving money (on movie tickets, popcorn, soda, etc.) each time. Since home theaters are all the rage these days, adding one is a great home improvement project that will become a bonus for potential buyers.

Homes with theater rooms in Bristol, TN Bristol, VA

Add beauty and luxury to your property with these five home improvement projects while also enhancing the value. You will reap many benefits from the one-time investments from these home improvements.


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