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Is it Time to Move?

While sometimes a move is prompted by a job change or outgrowing your current space, other times it is due to needing a change of scenery or being unhappy with your neighbors. Here are common signs that it may be time to make a move. 

1) Need Extra Space

If things are starting to feel too tight or you no longer have room for everyone or everything, it’s probably time to move. Your family may be growing, or an aging family member may need to move in; whatever the reason, needing extra space is one of the most common reasons to move from your current home. When space gets too tight, talk to a local real estate agent to discuss your options to move to a bigger place. 

2) Downsizing

On the other hand, finding that you have too much unused space in your home can prompt a move. When homeowners find themselves with an empty nest as their kids grow up and move out, it can be tough to decide to leave the home that has so many memories. However, downsizing can help reduce the time required for home maintenance and save you money on monthly energy bills and yearly taxes. 

Commute Time in Virginia

3) Long Commute Times

After a long day at the office, the last thing many want to deal with is a long drive home. Whether you started a new job after living in your current home or just thought the drive time wouldn’t be “that bad,” making the commute day after day can make you change your mind about staying where you are. Finding a home closer to your workplace means more sleep or allowing time for a morning workout without feeling rushed. Getting rid of the stress of long commutes can even help you live a happier, healthier life. 

Home Office in Tennessee

4) Home Office is Necessary

While an unpleasant commute to the workplace can prompt a move, the opposite of not having a commute at all can have the same effect. With many companies choosing to continue remote or hybrid work options, you may find that a permanent home office is essential for your home. If your home doesn’t have the extra space for a dedicated office or sharing a workspace with your spouse is just not working after over two years or WFH, it is probably time to move to a home with the space needed to work and live comfortably. 

5) Time for an Upgrade

It is not always about the space that makes you want to move. Sometimes it’s just time for an upgrade to a newer or nicer home or a different neighborhood. Although some may choose to renovate if they feel some improvements could satisfy the itch for a change, others may think renovations would take too long or cost significantly more than finding a different home with all the improved features desired. 

Rising Rent in Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee

6) Rising Monthly Rent

In the local rental market, we’ve seen rising monthly rent expenses that are making some tenants consider the possibility of becoming a homeowner. If you could own a home for less than you’re paying in rent, it may make more sense to move to a place that is your own, usually without worrying about a surprise monthly home payment increase. The first step to determining if purchasing a home is more beneficial for your situation is to talk to a local lender to discuss your home loan options and get pre-approved. 

If you can relate to any of the above and think it’s time to make your move, contact a Highlands real estate professional today. Our knowledgeable agents will listen to what you’re looking for in your next home and discuss all available options that fit your criteria.

Will you be selling your current home? Use our free home evaluation tool to see what your home may be worth in today’s market, and contact one of our agents for a free in-person home analysis to determine your potential home equity gain that you could use to help purchase your next home. 

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