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How Professional Home Staging Can Help Your Home Sell Faster

Many people use home staging and home decorating interchangeably. However, they are different. We were excited for the opportunity to have Barb Harmon from UpStaging speak with us about these differences and the benefits a professionally staged home provides when it’s for sale.

Why Home Staging is Important

Barb mentions that there are two important things to remember about home www.

  1. Home staging is different than home decorating.
  2. You only have one opportunity to make a good first impression when selling your home.

At UpStaging, Barb’s goal is to make your home look beautiful and appealing to more people. Home staging helps this by making your home look great to buyers when they are looking at it online or when touring the home in person. The most important reason why people choose to have their home professionally staged when selling is that it has been proven that staged homes do sell faster and for a higher price.

The Difference between Home Decorating and Home Staging

The main difference is that home decorating incorporates one’s personal style and preferences, whereas the goal of home staging is to essentially neutralize the space to appeal to more buyers. When staging a home, Barb focuses on the placement of furniture to help the home and foot traffic flow easily and may make suggestions about things that will help boost the overall appeal of the home, such as updating the paint color or making minor repairs.

Benefits of Home Staging

  • Increase interest in your home. A well-staged home will make your home appealing to more buyers.
  • Help buyers easily visualize how rooms would work for their family. Staging rooms with specific purposes and using to-scale furniture helps buyers see how their own pieces would fit into the space.
  • Help your home look good online. The majority of home buyers begin their search online, so you want your home to look its best in the listing photographs.
  • Sell your home faster. There are numerous articles and studies that prove that home staging can decrease the days a listing is on the market.
  • Sell your home for more money. Again, it has been proven that the cost of having a home staged pays off, with the home selling for a higher price.

How to Contact UpStaging

If you wish to have your home staged in Southwest Virginia or Northeast Tennessee, contact Barb Harmon with UpStaging at the phone number or email address listed below.



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