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Emory & Henry College is a Treasure

In the heart of the Virginia Highlands, you will find Emory & Henry College.

Emory and Henry Entrance

The campus is beautiful with 168 acres and 167 undeveloped acres in the village of Emory.  The entire central campus is on the National Register of Historic Places and the Virginia Register of Historic Landmarks.

Emory & Henry College

Established in 1836, this great 4-year liberal arts college is the oldest college in Southwest Virginia. Emory & Henry College has a rich history and has a mission that’s devoted to transforming lives & increasing excellence.

Emory & Henry Campus

The lake on the campus is great place for students to relax when the stresses of college become overwhelming! Having plenty of outdoor space is a great benefit of being on this amazing campus!

Emory & Henry College Football Field

The Fred Selfe Stadium allows for the athletics at Emory & Henry to thrive. The college ensures that it stays top of the line with upgrades and keeping the stadium well-maintained.  The players feel alive playing on the field while the fans enjoy the energy and excitement of the games. This place has seen many celebrations. Here’s a link to the 2016 schedule:

Having this profound campus in the Virginia Highlands is a great asset to the residents and the students. It allows for higher education close to home for locals and allows students that travel world-wide to see the beauty and culture of this region.

For more information on the campus or setting up a visit check out the Emory & Henry College website:

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