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DIY a Tiny Inside Garden: How to Build your own Terrarium

Bring a piece of the outdoors inside by building your own terrarium in a few easy steps.


Terrarium inside garden









Glass Jar


Gather your supplies:

Glass container(s)…get creative by upcyling old jars, globes or bowls

Potting Soil

Sand or pebbles

Activated Charcoal (if desired or you have on hand)

Small Plants



Small Decorations/Sticks


Steps for Creating your Tiny Inside Garden:

  1. Prepare  you containers (remove price tags, labels, etc. & wash) & create a vision for your finished terrarium
  2. Add pebbles/sand to make a drainage layer. Adding this layer will allow water to settle and prevent your plants from getting flooded.
  3. Add the activated charcoal layer…all you will need is enough to cover your lower level of pebbles/sand. This is not necessary, but will help to mask odors and reduce bacteria in the terrarium.
  4. Add the soil layer…be sure to add enough to cover the roots and give them room to grow.  If you are using a container with a smaller opening, it may be helpful to use a chopstick or paintbrush to help distribute the dirt around the container.
  5. Add in your plants…if breaking plants apart or trimming roots, be gentle to prevent damage to the plant. Then add more soil to the top of the plant and press down to compact it down around the base of the plant.
  6. Accessorize! Add in moss (if desired) to help retain moisture. Make the terrarium your own by adding small items  (figures, stones, sticks, etc.) that fit your personality.
  7. Clean up the sides of your container and water (only a couple of shots should do the trick).
  8. Place your terrarium in a spot to enjoy. You will want to keep it out of direct sunlight to prevent plants from getting burnt.
  9. Enjoy! Keep an eye on the terrarium to make sure it is getting enough water (once or twice a week should be plenty for this little gem) & remove any dead leaves or plants as you see them.

Terrarium Lightbulb Open Terrarium Terrarium Globe

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