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Are you Prepared for the Home Loan Process?

During the home loan process there are many questions that you will need to answer and documents that may be needed; we’ve put together a short list of possible documents to help you be prepared when working with your loan officer. If you are in the beginning stages of the home buying process and seem overwhelmed, ask your REALTOR for advice. They help buyers through many transactions each year and will have a list of professionals that they can refer you to the right people to help the entire process be a little less stressful.

Below is s a list of documentation that may be needed during the home loan process.

  • Pay Stubs for the past 30 days
  • Bank Account and Other Account (IRAs, 401K, stocks, etc.) Statements
  • Tax Returns
  • Gift Letter: If you plan on any of the down payment to be via a gift from others
  • Bankruptcy Documents
  • Divorce and/or Child Custody Documents
  • Drivers License and Social Security Card
  • Proof of Amount of School Loan Debt and Payments
  • Residential Address and ,if renting, Rental History/Landlord Information


Our agents can refer you to local lenders that can help start the loan process when you’re ready to buy your next home.  Contact one of our agents to being your home buying journey in Abingdon, Bristol and the surrounding Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee region.

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