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Answers from the Agents 1- Roberta

Answers from the Agents

Common real estate questions and terms, explained by our agents.

Meet our agent: Roberta Hylton

Roberta Hylton HRI

Question of the Day: How much does it cost to list my property?

The short answer:

“The good news is that a seller pays nothing to list a property.” says Roberta.

Let’s explain further…

Real estate agents should prepare comparative market analysis, post signs, market your home and even have a photographer take photos of your home WITHOUT any upfront payment. She shared that REALTORS © don’t usually earn an income off of listings. “If the house doesn’t sell, the seller should owe the brokerage and agent nothing, despite all that work.” They only earn their commission when a home is sold. The commission can vary depending on the brokerage, but Roberta warns not to always settle for the lowest percentage. “Most savvy sellers will want a brokerage that provides a full range of services and knows the local area and market well.” All that savings from choosing the lowest price tag for a REALTOR © / brokerage might end up costing you in the end. A quality team selling your home will be sure to keep things like, photography, showings, negotiations over the contract, service providers, etc. off your plate. When you have knowledgeable and motivated people on your listing, it helps move the home faster too! “If you are looking to sell and want an experienced local brokerage who will handle all aspects of listing and selling your home, Highlands Realty, Inc. is the market leader in the business! We know our market, are top producers in our area, and we will handle most details of selling your property.”

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