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9 Home Upgrades that won’t Break the Bank

While a fresh coat of paint is a favorite low-cost home upgrade among homeowners and home improvement professionals, several other upgrades can make a huge impact without breaking the bank. Below are nine small home updates that can make a bigger difference than you think in increasing your home’s value. 

Custom Kitchens in Lakefront Home in Abingdon, VA


1) Update Cabinet Hardware

For as low as $2 each, you can give your kitchen a new look by simply changing the cabinet hardware. 

2) Change Light Fixtures

Adding pendant lighting above a bar area or island can provide a modern feel to the space. Switching light fixtures is a budget-friendly way to update a room instantly without a complete kitchen renovation. 

3) Organize the Pantry

According to the National Association of Home Builders “What Home Buyers Really Want” consumer survey, pantries are rated as essential or desirable by over 80% of home shoppers. Therefore, making simple changes to the pantry can make a big impact. Add baskets and clear containers/jars to create an almost decorative area for snacks and canned goods. Utilize labels and color coordination to bring order and visual appeal to the pantry. 

Abingdon, VA Home

Living Room

4) Add Texture and Accessories 

Interior designers may refer to a room as one-dimensional if it’s missing texture. You can add furniture pieces with fluted designs, chunky knit throws, leather or velvet accent chairs or ottomans to add texture to a living room. One of the most simple ways to refresh the room is by adding seasonal accent pillows, which offer a different look to the space without spending a ton of money. 

5) Include a Hint of Wallpaper

While wallpaper is making a comeback trend, many homeowners are still wary of jumping on the bandwagon. However, adding a hint of wallpaper and utilizing peel-and-stick types can create a custom look or add a pop of color in all-white or neutral-colored rooms. To incorporate a bit of wallpaper into your decor, add it to the back of a bookcase, built-ins, or other shelving in the room. 

Updated Bathroom in Abingdon VA Home


6) Update Hardware & Faucets

Similar to the kitchen, a simple hardware change can make a major difference in modernizing a space. Swap out an outdated faucet and replace drawer pulls and cabinet handles to refresh the bathrooms in your home. 

7) Frame the Mirror

Edgeless mirrors above vanities can make a bathroom feel outdated. However, you don’t have to shop for an all-new framed mirror. Instead, you can pick up DIY frame kits to easily attach a frame to an existing mirror and add a modern, custom feel to the space. 

8) Warm Up the Lighting

Changing light bulbs to warm white or soft warm light can instantly refresh a bathroom. In addition, you could add wall sconces on each side of the updated mirror to further update the space. 

9) Add Greenery

Even in a small bathroom, a touch of greenery can provide a fresh aesthetic to the small space. The addition of a plant offers other benefits to your home, such as natural air purification and odor-fighting abilities. 

Simple upgrades can make a major impact when it comes to changing the look of your home. If you’re thinking about selling, try these budget-friendly updates to increase your home’s perceived value.

If you’re curious about what your home could sell for, receive an instant home valuation. Then, reach out to one of our knowledgeable real estate agents to learn more about the home-selling process and if it’s the right move for you and your family. 

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