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7 Home Maintenance Tasks for Bristol, TN Homeowners

With warmer weather finally arriving in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia, you may be ready to kick back and enjoy the sunshine. Although warm and sunny days are great for relaxing and cookouts, it also brings a list of chores homeowners should tackle after the wear and tear winter can have on homes. While yard work and gardening are often at the top of the to-list as the weather changes, there are a few other outdoor tasks you should tackle. Luckily, following our tips for making the tasks faster and easier, you can knock out these May to-dos in no time flat. 

Fertilize Your Lawn

Rain showers help to keep your lawn lush and green, but your grass requires nutrients to thrive. Adding high nitrogen fertilizer or home-grown compost to your lawn helps keep your yard looking great throughout the summer and also helps suppress weeds. 

To save you the hassle of fertilizing your lawn on your own, you can call local lawn care professionals to handle the task for you. 

Mulch Flower and Veggie Beds

Keep pesky weeds out of your flower and garden beds by adding two to four inches of mulch. Mulch will also help keep your plants hydrated as it helps hold moisture around the plants’ roots by preventing evaporation from the soil. Also, as a bonus, if you’re planning to sell your home soon, a freshly mulched flower bed improves curb appeal to potential buyers.  

Whether you buy bags of mulch from a local home improvement chain or get a bulk load of mulch delivered to your house, you can plan on about one cubic yard of mulch to cover 100 sq. ft. at a three-inch depth. If unable to complete a mulching job on your own, call a local landscaping company to mulch your garden beds. 

Check Patios and Walkways

Hardscape surfaces, such as brick, stone, or concrete pavers, can suffer from freezing temperatures during the winter. Frost and erosion can cause walkway or patio pavers to shift, sink, or rise. Since shifted pavers can be a safety hazard and are aesthetically unappealing, you want to check and fix all walkways or patios around your home. All you need to repair unmortared paving materials is some sand and a hand trowel. 

To fix displaced pavers:

  1. Pry them up
  2. Even out the ground underneath using fresh sand
  3. Replace the paver

Inspect and Repair Wood Fencing 

Since changes in moisture and humidity can greatly affect wood by causing it to twist, warp, or move, it’s a good idea to check wood fences on your property. Check for loose fence pickets or sagging gates, and fix them with a hammer and galvanized nails and/or a cordless drill and screws. 

Call on a local, trusted handyman if the repair project turns into something larger than expected. 

Check Your HVAC System

Before temperatures rise too high, check to ensure your air-conditioning unit is working properly. You can use a garden hose to spray off the outside unit to remove any dust and debris. Also, remember to change out your AC filter(s) monthly to help with the system’s efficiency. 

If you spot concerns or want peace of mind about your heat pump, call a local heating and air pro to inspect the system and complete a thorough cleaning. 

Clean Your Home’s Windows

Even if windows look clean, dirt and grime are often hiding in plain sight. Tackle the task of washing windows to let the sunshine in and help your see outside more clearly. Having two people cleaning windows helps the chore go quicker as one can wash the inside of the windows while the other cleans the outside. It also allows you to easily identify which side of the window has any lingering smudges or streaks.

In addition to the glass, you also want to clean out the window sill and any sliding tracks to help ensure the smooth opening and closing of the window. 

Prepare for Grilling Weather

After enhancing your outdoor spaces and before your first cookout, inspect the ol’ barbecue to ensure it’s ready for another year of grilling. Clean the grates and check to ensure all gas hoses and connections are secure. Thoroughly clean your barbecue using a grill brush, hot soapy water, and elbow grease. 

Warm weather is the ideal time to enjoy the outdoors or relax by the pool. However, as a homeowner, it’s also important to tackle summer home maintenance tasks to keep your Bristol, TN or surrounding Tri-Cities Tennessee area home in tip-top shape.

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