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6 Steps for Reviewing Purchase Offers

You’ve chosen a REALTOR, who has helped you price your property properly, and now it’s ready to sell.  Soon offers will be coming in and you will need to evaluate each one to choose an offer to accept. Do you have a plan to sort the strengths and drawbacks of each offer? This 6 step plan will help you thoroughly review purchase offers:

  1.      Understand the process
  2.      Set Baselines
  3.      Create an Offer Review Process
  4.      Don’t Take Offers Personally
  5.      Review All Terms
  6.      Be Creative

More info about each of these steps can be found at:

The highly trained agents at Highlands Realty will help you through all the steps of the selling process to assist in the decision-making of accepting the best offer for your property. If you are thinking of selling, call today and one of our agents will be happy to assist you!

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