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4 Fall Homebuying Facts | Highlands Realty Inc

Buying a home does not usually make the list of why people love fall. However, maybe it should, with the benefits of making a fall real estate purchase. While many homebuyers assume fall is not the ideal time to find their next house, it is not always the case. These four fall homebuying facts may have you rethinking waiting until spring to make a move in Southwest Virginia or Northeast Tennessee.

Don’t Stop Your Home Search in the Fall

Despite what many people think, the spring and summer listing fury does not always end when cooler weather sits in. Even in what is usually the peak buying season earlier this year in Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee, the real estate market had low inventory. As the seasons change, we are experiencing a continuation of low housing inventory. However, this shouldn’t discourage you from starting your home search. There are still homes coming on the market as sellers see the opportunity to make a change. Putting off your home search now could mean missing “the one.”

Seller Exhaustion can Lead to Better Deals

Homes listed in the summer that linger on the market during the fall often result in tired sellers. After several months of showings and no action, sellers are often more willing to negotiate the price when they receive a reasonable offer. This puts the buyer in a prime position to get a home that checks all their boxes within or below their budget.

Receive More Personalized Attention

As real estate agents grow their client base, they hustle through the day with a full plate. Therefore, as the influx of warm-weather buyers settles, they will have more time to focus on your home buying needs. While agents strive to provide personalized service throughout the year, busy days and handling unexpected issues can lead to a less personal approach than desired. During slower work times, agents have more time to dedicate to each buyer.

Take Advantage of End-of-Year Sales

After finding your ideal home, the next step on many buyers’ lists is to furnish it. Luckily for end-of-year buyers, sales on home decor and furniture often pop up around the new year. Also, much of the data conclude that September to December is the prime time to buy major appliances. Besides the big holiday sales during this time, it is generally the time when major appliance brands release new models.

Although some may prefer to avoid the added stress of home buying on top of the normal holiday stresses, for those serious about moving, fall can be a great time to make a move. Contact one of our Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee real estate professionals to help with your fall home buying needs.

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